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Growing Up
Without Growing Old

“As a treehouse inherently connects to and becomes a part of the centric tree from which it is built, so too do our principles become the core of who we are and the foundation from which we grow.”

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Built around a living tree, a tree house is an elevated space to

The Treehouse Inspiration

A treehouse represents and honors child-like curiosity while fostering independence. It is both a collaboration space and quiet refuge. A hand-made nook, it encourages growth, both of the individuals who inhabit it and the tree from which it is built around. It is centered around the tree, symbolizing strength, durability and a grounding to nature and purpose.

As the common thread that pulls through the Insidesource San Francisco showroom, this concept drove all of our design decisions, from layout and light play, to our use of honest materials and consideration of product life cycles.

The overarching theme touches every aspect of our space, while tying back into our core values of connection, collaboration and creativity.

Creatively solving around the historic building parameters resulted in designing a semi-open floor plan that supports both collaboration and quiet retreat. Located on the Promenade level of Embarcadero 2, the building offered a unique setting, one with an elevated position, nearly panoramic views, and an abundance of natural light, all of which guided us to – and through – our treehouse inspiration.

“Occupying the space in a treehouse, albeit fleetingly, feels both spiritual and personal. We are temporary custodians of a small patch of earth and, in the case of the treehouse dreamer, a little chunk of sky.”

-Jane Field-Lewis
The Anatomy of Treehouses



  • Showroom Design & Creative Direction: Kelley Naylor
  • Graphic & Website Design/Art Direction: Arshia Singh
  • Copywriting & Art Direction: Fredrika Votichenko
  • Editor: Anne Van Wagener
  • Missy Evans: General Manager
  • Photography: Jasper Sanidad, Fredrika Votichenko, Arshia Singh
  • Renderings: Rene Rabbitt