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Play + Create

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Central to our Treehouse theme and guiding principle are the Play + Create activity areas, offering spaces that encourage and support creative expression, collaboration and brainstorming. These areas are designed to inspire visitors and employees while embodying the essence of the Insidesource culture.

Material Library

Our material library is the heart of the space. Located at the center of the office, it represents the trunk of the tree for which the entire space is built around.

Featuring our seminal tree table by Good Wood, the area serves as an active workshop space and inspirational pillar, where anyone is welcome to drop in from any branch of the office.

Canopy 360° Tour

Stick System Bookcase
Sarnac Table
File Tops & Essentials Bookcase
Custom Tree Table
Outdoor Patio

Upon drawing from the connection and energy inside, the semi-outdoor Atrium is the most flexible area in the office.

With direct access to the office and the Promenade level of the Embarcadero, it provides a two-way connection to our space and the exterior environment, offering a quiet connection to the activity it’s surrounded by.

The Atrium also encourages its use as a wellness area, fostered by the surrounding greenery, natural light, and proximity to the outdoors.


Atrium 360° Tour

Shelli Outdoor Table
Borderline Outdoor Rug
Follow Me Lamp
Terrazzo Accent Table
1 Inch Reclaimed Chair
Kay High Back Chair
Braid Rug
Matter Cement Ivory Table
Pod Planter
Speckled Planter

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Showroom Design & Creative Direction: Kelley Naylor

Graphic & Website Design/Art Direction: Arshia Singh

Copywriting & Art Direction: Fredrika Votichenko

Editor: Anne Van Wagener

Missy Evans: General Manager

Photography: Jasper Sanidad, Fredrika Votichenko, Arshia Singh

Renderings: Rene Rabbitt


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Play + Create

Material Library, Atrium

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