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While the central concept behind our office layout is rooted in collaboration and connection, creating spaces dedicated to retreat and individual work time was essential in our design plan. Hideaway areas are intentionally located off the beaten path and on each opposing end of the office, offering both physical and acoustic separation.




While functional, ample storage was already part of our original design, these areas have become crucial as we have established a free address system.

The locker wall is located on an inconspicuous path between the entry and work zones. As one of the few areas in the office with minimal natural light, a row of arched mirrors reflect light and greenery atop the lockers.

Normann Copenhagen’s Bau Lamp​ provides additional illumination and interest to the area. The lamp is made up of leaf-like discs that create a delicate, organic expression of light and shadow play.


Storage 360° Tour

Simply Arched Mirror
Dizzy Storage Lockers
Bau Lamp
Adina Cart
Murals Wallpaper
Blok Table
Refreshingly Rectangular Standing Mirror
Refreshingly Rectangular Mirror
Terrazzo Wallpaper
Work Zones

Tucked away on the outskirts of the office are our primary work areas. Designed to support quiet and individual work time, we think of these spaces as the outermost branches of a tree.

Desks with custom tabletops by Ideal Laminate​ and Corral​ lay beyond the intuitive path of circulation, where concrete fins lining the perimeter of the space are utilized as separation tools between workstations. The large architectural columns serve as markers, creating a clear division between individual work areas and collaboration zones.


Work Zones 360° Tour

Further Integrated Height Benching
MFlex 2.1 Dual Monitor Arm
A8 Freestanding Height Adjustable Desk
Further Screen
Height Adjustable Bases
Radii Mobile Pedestals
Pixo Plus Light
Neatech Cable Management
Ashley Duo Clamp Mount
Diffrient Smart Task Chair
Diffrient World Task Chair
Acuity Task Chair
Benny Community Table
Elton Stools

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Showroom Design & Creative Direction: Kelley Naylor

Graphic & Website Design/Art Direction: Arshia Singh

Copywriting & Art Direction: Fredrika Votichenko

Editor: Anne Van Wagener

Missy Evans: General Manager

Photography: Jasper Sanidad, Fredrika Votichenko, Arshia Singh

Renderings: Rene Rabbitt


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