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Better Together

We are only as good as our partners. For a project so close to our hearts, we worked with some of our closest collaborators who truly understood and embraced our Treehouse theme. These partners brought invaluable expertise and creativity to the project and together we were able to bring our vision into reality.

We think of Allsteel not only as our global workplace partner but as coworkers and friends. An essential member of the Insidesource family, they provided us with all the tools necessary to showcase a variety of workstations and assure an ergonomic, productive, and comfortable environment. As neighbors to our new office, the Allsteel showroom's full product collection is just a short walk from our San Francisco showroom.

Corral’s​ partnership on EC2 was one of adaptation and co-creation. Striking a balance between value and customization, the team was able to create custom-tailored pieces, solving for specific design needs and creatively working around the historical building parameters. They provided us with a deep understanding of the final product selection through detailed 3D renderings and seamlessly collaborated with our team using a hands-on design programming process.

As a flexible and accommodating creative partner, Creative Wood was able to quickly adapt to often unforeseen on-site circumstances and adjust the final products with care and efficiency. Their team ensured an exceptional end-result, finding creative solutions while keeping the EC2 creative vision in mind every step of the way.

Acting as co-creators, Good Wood was a crucial part of the EC2 design team, collaborating with Insidesource from start to finish. Pairing value-engineering with exceptional craftsmanship, Good Wood utilized their expertise to adapt materials through hands-on fabrication and a shared vision that brings our Treehouse design to life.

Our longstanding partnership with HNI and Normann Copenhagen gave us access to a collection of furniture that truly expressed our Treehouse concept. In line with our honest design intent, Normann Copenhagen represents the best in Danish design – clean lines, organic shapes, and warm, mixed materials. These pieces completed our Treehouse story, making our showroom feel like home.

Project Partners

HGA​ – Architecture
Dome Construction​ – General Contractor
Summit​ – Project Management


Industry Partners

Antlre CBF Electric
Callahan Group​ - ​ ​ ​
​ ​ ​ Montisa, Schavello, ​
​ ​ ​ & HBF


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Showroom Design & Creative Direction: Kelley Naylor

Graphic & Website Design/Art Direction: Arshia Singh

Copywriting & Art Direction: Fredrika Votichenko

Editor: Anne Van Wagener

Missy Evans: General Manager

Photography: Jasper Sanidad, Fredrika Votichenko, Arshia Singh

Renderings: Rene Rabbitt


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